Abby Jones

Before I met Dr. Fine, I'd had four surgeries on my right ankle and one on my left ankle. These were done by some of the supposed "best" foot and ankle surgeons in Chicago. All of them were doing the same thing as the other, expecting different results. Yeah every time I sprained my ankle, I would tear attendant or ligament, so they would repair it. Then it would happen again the next time. No one suggested anything different.

When my husband and I relocated to Kentucky for a few years, but I was very picky about where we moved due to wanting to have a great doctor for my ankles. I am so glad I researched and chose Dr. Fine, knowing that it was probably going to happen again and I wanted to get it fixed for good this time. After my fifth tear on my right ankle, I went to Dr. Fine. He mentioned possibly putting cadaver tissue in to strengthen my obviously weakened tissue. During the surgery, he decided to go with umbilical cord for stem cells instead. Then, a couple years later, the same thing happened with the left ankle. Because of how good my right ankle was feeling, we did the same thing on the left.

Now it has been about 5 or 6 years since the right ankle, and 3 or 4 years since the left. I work as a surgical assistant in a spay and neuter clinic, standing all day 3 days a week for 10 to 12 hours a day. I stumble often, and have rolled my ankle probably a dozen times since my last surgery. However, now, it's not even really a spring. I'm just a little sore for a couple days up the side of my calf and then I move on with my life.

vI owe so much to Dr. Fine. My quality of life is so much improved from this. I wish I had lived there and found him earlier. Unfortunately, now I have major hip issues thanks to being on crutches so many times. But at least I didn't have to do it any more than seven times. Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH DR. FINE. ❤️

Florencia Pediferro McIntosh

I have had a problem with my heel because I work on concrete in a factory and all the people who work standing for more than 8 hours on concrete know what I am talking about. After several x-rays, another doctor told me there was nothing wrong, it was just plantar fasciitis, and he was not very kind. My problem got worse and I couldn't walk, so I decided to seek another opinion. I got an appointment with Dr. Kidon and he sent me for an MRI and he diagnosed me with plantar fasciitis and a fissured tendon and he operated on my foot. Dr. Alan Kidon is an excellent orthopedic surgeon, the best in the industry and I am lucky to have him treat my injuries. He is extremely loving and kind. and with great patience to explain everything since my English is not my first language. This being my first foot surgery, he navigated the process from start to finish. I highly recommend Dr Alan Kidon for any foot and ankle injury. I trust him 100%.

Linda Mallery

Had my first visit with Dr. Sain. She educated me on a diabetic foot and examined me. Was fitted with diabetic shoes. I so glad my primary doctor recommended me to them.

Michelle Antoinette

I highly recommend this location for any Foot & Ankle injury. I suffered a traumatic fall and had major foot surgery. Dr. Alan Kidon is an excellent Orthopedic Surgeon, he's the best in the industry, and am lucky to have him treating my injuries. He's extremely caring and kind. With this being a first time surgery for me he navigated the process from beginning to end. His team is fantastic, both Laura and Leah are really nice, helpful, and very knowledgeable. They have an amazingly talented team at Lexington Foot & Ankle, and I trust them 100%.

Mullit offroading

Was an awesome experience. I was definitely taken care of and in grate hands. And if it helps. My doctor, was absolutely gorgeous. And was very knowledgeable as one would hope or assume. So, I couldn't suggest a better place to go. It's also close to town and near alot of popular restaurants that I've also reviewed. So check my profile and tell me what you think! Hopefully I've helped and made you confident in your decision in trusting the magnificent staff on site and leave as whole and happy as you arrived.

Tamara Semer

I love the custom fit insoles from Dr. Kidon!

K 9

Very professional and kind. Knew exactly what my problem was. I came in with a foot pain so bad that I had to quit my job. Left his office with no pain!

Valerie Roman

Dr. Skurka is the best foot doctor in the Frankfort area.

Yvonne Fernandez

Dr. Harmon was very caring and relieved me of severe foot pain. Great bedside manner, great outcome. I highly recommend him.

Jeremy Purdy

Professional and helpful.

Kim Eldridge

Superb customer service throughout the entire visit. I’ve seen a few of the doctors and they resolved my issue efficiently. Highly recommend this practice.

Beth Meredith

The staff are always very friendly and professional. The appointments are almost always on time, very little waiting. My treatments have been very effective.

Christopher Smith

Dr. Harmon and Dr. Univers saved my foot and leg. They are the greatest!

Dennis Herko

Dr. Bryan Harmon is the best! He has treated my wife and I, skillfully, and is patient, taking his time to treat us and answer our questions. I highly recommend him.

Fonda Hinkley

I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Harmon and the staff at Lexington Foot & Ankle Center. Dr. Harmon is very knowledgeable and personable... both my husband and I are very satisfied with his care. The staff is wonderful!!! We’ve been to a couple of other practices here in Lexington and Lexington Foot and Ankle and Dr. Harmon are the best!!!

Peter Szajna

FANTASTIC staff. I explained my situation (broken foot) to Savannah, said what I saw on the x-ray at the ER and that I wasn't scheduled for a follow up with UK for 10 days. She asked to put me on hold and got me an appointment that same day. It turns out, I need surgery, and now I can finish my recovery 10 days earlier than I would have! Dr. Fine seems like a great guy, didn't rush me and answered all of my questions. I cannot recommend them enough. 10/10. A++++

Alchemist Akitas Williams

The Doctor was excellent extremely informative and excellent bedside manner.

Alice Forbes

Pleasant staff. Got in to see the doctor without a long wait.

Joseph D'Ambrosio

The visit was good and I will go back very soon.


They are amazing and Dr. Kidon is great!

Rob Martin

Teriffic, caring doctors!

K. 9

Very professional and kind. Knew exactly what my problem was. I came in with a foot pain so bad that I had to quit my job. Left his office with no pain!

Valerie Roman

Dr. Skurka is the best foot doctor in the Frankfort area.

Misha Mueller

I saw Dr. Harmon at the Georgetown office. All of the staff were great. Dr. Harmon answered all of my questions, explained options, and kept me updated on my progress. I'm out of the cast almost a year now and still doing really well.

Tony Miller

From the front desk to the exam room, Dr. Sain's office at Lexington Foot and Ankle was wonderful. She took time to educate me on my treatment, responded to questions I had between appointments and treated me appropriately and effectively.

Donna Fields


Rhonda West

I saw Dr. Fine, and he actually listened to my complaint. Not only that, but he didn't automatically lump my diagnosis in with CRPS or neuropathy. He actually delivered a diagnosis, and now, knowing what I do, I wholeheartedly agree with! Dr. Fine and his staff are great, and you would do well to run over to see him today! (pun intended)

Rebecca Ross

When I had to have my ankle surgery at Saint Joe's everyone was SO VERY sweet to me and my family, went above and beyond to help me in any way!! Highly highly recommend them if you are going to have surgery.


Initially, I gave a very bad review because of confusion regarding their location and a missed appointment. However, we have since had two appointments and I have been very impressed by how caring Dr Allen is and the friendliness of the staff. The phone situation is not good: find out exactly which building and where in the building they are before your appointment. That medical complex is huge, sometimes they don't answer inside of 20 minutes,and they don't always call you back in fewer than 2 business days. If you have an emergency and think you will be late, don't bother calling, no one will answer and there's no way to let the office staff know in a timely manner. If you have a last minute emergency, and you have to reschedule, keep calling till they actually answer. Don't expect them to receive your message that day.

Still, despite the many problems not being able to contact the office to let them know what's going on when life happens-once you are there, they're fantastic. Dr. Allen is a kind and gentle guy-which is a relief for patients which have conditions that can be painful to treat. I highly recommend him.

Kara Beth

Dr. Kidon is amazing. His surgical skills are impeccable, and my foot has healed beautifully. Being a Type 1 diabetic, the surgery was a concern for me. I had no pain whatsoever after my surgery nor through the healing process. I am 100% confident Dr. Kidon will be just as impeccable on the opposite foot's surgery. Highly recommend.

Scott Roller

Couldn't go to Bob O Link office because of mold damage. Had to drive almost twice as far. Love Dr. Harmon!

Patty Mangold

Dr.Kidon and his staff are both professional and courteous!!!! Dr. Kidon is one of the most compassionate doctors and easy to talk to. Thank you!!

Martha Reed

Great experience here! I've sent my husband and my next door neighbor to Dr. Harmon. Both were very happy!

Geri Ball

Had a surgery from diabetes complications. Dr.Harmon was exceptional. If you are searching for a Foot doctor who really cares you found one. His staff follows his lead and together they made a tough circumstance go smoother and easier. I owe a huge Thank You to him and his whole team!! I would definitely recommend.
Thank You!


Dr. Fine performed surgery on my ankle after an accident left me with extensive injuries.The care I received before and after surgery was excellent.

Renee Thornsberry

Plantar fasciitis relief surgery on both of my feet. Relieved my foot pain.

Susan Lee

Service was nice and polite.

Lyrical Content

Feels like home every time I'm seen!

Robert Moeller

Dr. Kidon is amazing. He takes the time to ensure you understand your options and answers all your questions. One of the very best!

Mindy Hansen

Very nice yet professional staff. The doctors are quite knowledgeable and offer insight on how other medical conditions affect your feet. Seem genuinely interested in the patients.

Kimberly Hill

I incredibly grateful to Dr. Harmon and his staff for helping me. I was on my way out to work when stepped down onto a giant splinter. It was too deep for me to remove and sensitive to the touch. I called their office and was able to do a walk in. The entire staff was extremely friendly! Dr. Harmon greeted me with a smile and a kind professional attitude. After examining my foot he went over the options in great detail. He was understanding and patient with my anxiety through the procedure and always made sure I was comfortable. I go back in a week for a check up. I'm just so thankful I found this place.

John Cosby

New patients have to fill out a very very extensive medical history so be prepared for that or try to get the paperwork sent to you so that you can complete it in advance. Once that is behind you, waiting time is very short; and service is prompt and cordial. My comments are in regard to their Frankfort, KY office.

Angie B

I believe I received the best treatment available. My doctor saw me at each appointment and took the time to address all of my questions and explain my condition. The entire staff was courteous and professional even in the midst of the pandemic. They were very careful to sanitize the waiting area and exam rooms after each patient. I was impressed with the attention and care I received which was consistent through my entire treatment period!

Sue Charlie

Great doctor and staff! Friendly, professional, and helpful. We feel like we are visiting family and friends every time we go in!

Rose Tynan

I didn't have to wait more than 5 minutes in the waiting room because I was filling out paperwork since I was a new patient. After being called back the doctor took x-rays and exam in my foot and explain what it was. He did not try to sell me expensive inserts like previous foot doctors have either. If I have to have any further work done I will definitely come back here.

Jamie Perry

I had surgery about a month ago, and let's say this .. I haven't had any pain , NOT ONE BIT, also after surgery NONE!! I would recommend this doctor to anyone. Doctor Harmon is the greatest doctor I have seen in a long time. He is very professional and HE gets the job done and doesn't play any games.. #1 doctor in my book. Thanks foot and ankle y'all are the best.

Nanette Atkins

I was having so much trouble with my feet until I started to go to Dr. Allen(the Harrodsburg RD. office)He cleared up all my foot problems within 2 vivits. I love going there,the office staff is so nice and friendly. They make you feel like they want your business.

John A Broyles

First time to ever have to get my toenails trimmed professionally. Dr. Kidon was recommended by a friend. He was personable, professional, and my feet looked better than they had in a long time. Highly recommend him.

Darlene Bishop Sexton

Dr. Kidon is the best! He was my second opinion on my foot. Another specialist said I only had mild arthritis in my toe. Dr. Kidon knew exactly what MRI views I needed and he gave me the accurate diagnosis and was able to surgerically repair all the damage to my toe. I had to have a metal plate and screws. My incision is healing great. The sutures were very straight and tight. I have had no issues from surgery. I am forever grateful to Dr. Kidon for actually listening to me, giving me the correct diagnosis and repairing my foot because it is devastating and so disheartening to have a doctor act like there is nothing wrong with you, when you know you suffer in pain everyday.

Watson Lanter

I had legit went to 3 other doctors before I found my doctor here, no one could figure out what was wrong with my foot after several years of other treatments and having needles shoved in my foot for cultures and biopsy. I can here and in one visit no poking or proding, she diagnosed me and I have been symptom free after her invasive treatment. I can't thank her enough!

Samantha Zuniga

Easy to get an appointment, great follow up with my treatment plan, and I was in and out quickly each visit. Will definitely go back if I need them!

Shari Holland

I am extremely satisfied with the level of care provided by Dr. Sain and her staff. Dr Sain was very compassionate and thorough during my pre and post operative visits. She took the time to understand the impact my ankle pain was having on my daily life and what my desired outcome was for after surgery. She took time at every visit to discuss my recovery and answer any questions my husband or I had. She achieved my desired outcome and I would recommend her to anyone with foot and/or ankle pain.

Pattie Stubblefield

Dr. Fine takes wonderful care of my mother and me. He basically is the foot doctor for all my extended family. The best.

Bob Fryman

All my appointments have been on time. The Dr and staff have been professional and very friendly. The Dr takes time to listen to my concerns and has treated them to my complete satisfaction.

Teresa Wolfe

Dr Fine and his staff are very efficient and helpful. They go above and beyond to make sure you understand everything and have what you need. I would recommend Dr Fine to anyone.

Sharon Simpson

They are very quick never wait long times on appts and very friendly and out going. If I ever have to have surgery again or my foot looked at i will always go back to this location.

Shauna Taulbee

Surgery performed and foot healed after 6 months of getting worse with frequent dr visiting. Luckily had Dr. Fine in the hospital to take care of osteomyelitis and he did very excellent job. Healed well with the help of ID and can’t ask for better outcome. Saved toes, foot, and very likely my brother’s life. Don’t wait let him help you.

Victoria Donathan

Dr. Kidon is a wonderful doctor. I would highly recommend him. He has worked wonders with my feet.

Chrystall Ferguson

The doctor took time to sit and talk with me. He was very informative and comforting.

Connie Mowery

Been to several Drs and the only one that's found what was wrong and making it better.

Mike Stilz

A wonderful group that provided both care and education for me on my recovering feet. Highly recommended.

Michael Davis

Dr Fine is a thorough and talented surgeon who takes the time to get it right. He insists on doing his dressings while most doctors won't do any.

James Moore

Dr Fine is an excellent doctor. I would refer him to ANYONE and they will definitely be happy with the outcome.

Gary Puckett

Great dts they care about you they take there time and listen to you.

Lisa Adams

Dr.kidon #1. The nurses are awesome and they care and you know and feel that they do...

Jon Jones

Dr. Alan Kidon is the best. Very patient and seems to actually care and want to solve issues.

Polly Walls

Professional easy to talk to I was very comfortable.

Melinda Harpe

Dr Kidon and his staff are exceptional.

Karen Wright

Dr. Fine are amazing, they take the time to needed to treat you. Would recommend him above all else.

Nancy Wiser

I received prompt, professional and effective care.

Edgar P. Moore

I received very good and thorough care here.

Sadie Collins

Dr. Fine is great, no nonsense, listened to my concerns. Very nice staff.

Salenia Wilson

This place full of wonderful doctors and nursing staff, done everything and more for my husband. GREAT ENVIRONMENT..... WILLIAMSBURG, KY.

Mike Peters

Everyone is friendly and seem to be happy with each other.

Joann Tipton

He saved my husband's foot from amputation.

Retta Wilhite

Treated wonderfully with good results!

Greg Thomas

Highly recommended!!

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